How to Clear Yeast Infection


This website is about clearing yeast infections.  Over the years, at various times I and my family have had problems with yeast infection, all different types of infection( vaginal, skin, toe nails, ears etc.,)  Every time I have been to a Doctor, they have given me different ointments or creams to try.  Some of these ointments contain steroids. One such cream I was told to use sparingly, because it thins the skin (as you start to age that’s the last thing you need!).

So having got really fed up over the years with this “advice”, I decided to help myself.  What I really wanted was a cure for yeast infection, and also to find out what causes it.  I didn’t think I had candida, but to be honest I really didn’t know.  I needed to find out about various treatments for this infection, perhaps home remedies.  I had tried acupuncture without much success.  I soon realised what I really wanted, was to find out how I could treat myself, hopefully in a holistic way.  I wanted to be in charge of how I treated my body; I was fed up with just treating symptoms, and not the root cause.